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Why eSignal is Still One of the Best Day Trading Charting Software

Laptop running eSignalRead Best Technical Analysis Charting Software to get an overview on what is available.

eSignal is a real-time charting package which is hugely popular among active traders and investors. From the company that introduced the original wireless professional data feed called Quotrek in 1983, eSignal has consistently remained in the forefront in terms of providing reliable charting for traders and investors.

eSignal vs QCharts Comparison

eSignal and QCharts are almost in the same price and functionality category, although in the last couple of years, QCharts has begun to lag slightly in the data reliability department. Both eSignal and QCharts suffer the occasional data lags and downtimes but eSignal seems to have a better grip on the situation. Charting wise, QCharts has the edge over eSignal although the big minus for QCharts is that their charts are not "free-floating" and have to be contained within the QCharts' workspace. This gets to be a problem with multi-monitor setups for QCharts which most traders resolve by installing additional instances of QCharts. This workaround is not ideal and uses up additional CPU cycles but it does work. eSignal charts, on the other hand, are very multi-monitor friendly. They can be positioned anywhere and eSignal will remember the last saved location automatically. This feature is extremely important if you don't want to re-configure your workspace each time you start-up your system. Find out more about Multi-Monitor Laptops and Multi-Monitor Desktops.

Price-wise, eSignal is slightly more expensive with typical packages ranging from $120-150. QCharts' packages are typically in the $100-120 range depending on the various data options chosen. Data wise, eSignal supports more international exchanges while QCharts has much deeper intraday historical data ideal for backtesting. If you sign-up with any of these 2 packages, you must remember that both these providers have periods where there seem to be excessive server downtimes and data lags. All you have to do is to tune in to trading forums such as Elitetrader to pick up all the complaints by frustrated traders. It is therefore a good idea to have an inexpensive backup charting solution like Medved QuoteTracker handy.

eSignal Data and Charting Packages

eSignal provides a standalone charting software application that is installed locally onto your PC. Real-time and historical data is retrieved from eSignal's servers as needed. eSignal currently comes in 5 different packages suited for various types of active traders as follows:

  • eSignal Basic - Choice of U.S., Canadian, South / Latin American, European, Asian and African equities, indices, CME E-Minis, CBOT Mini-Sized Futures, NYMEX emiNYs and Forex add-on, plus 100s of world indices. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 100 at a time; standard (basic) charting only;
  • eSignal Premier - Includes everything in eSignal Basic plus our Advanced Charting package. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 200 at a time.
  • eSignal - Includes everything in eSignal Premier, plus options. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 500 at a time. Add 1,000 symbols viewing at a time.
  • eSignal Platinum - Includes everything in eSignal, plus Advanced GET Studies, the eSignal Market Scanner (Turbo package) and the Advanced GET Scanner. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 500 at a time. Add on 1,000 symbols viewing at a time.
  • eSignal End-of-Day - All data types, 500 stock, index, futures and mutual fund symbols. Yearly billing plan and no exchange fees. Includes the Advanced Charting package.

eSignal Support

New and experienced users alike will appreciate the type and level of support available to customers at eSignal Central. Users are able to discuss problems, strategy and other topics at their actively participated forums. Many experienced users and moderators are available to help out users in need of support.

Free Trial

The availability of a 30 day money back free trial is extremely useful for new traders in evaluating the software and comparing it with other charting applications like QCharts and Quotetracker.


One of the notable re-introductions lately by eSignal is the wireless datafeed called Quotrek. This hugely popular service can be run on popular mobile platforms like Android, iPhone and Java enabled smartphones. A 30 day free trial is available and the pricing packages include standalone Quotrek price plans and also plans incorporating the eSignal packages listed above.

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