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How TradeStation Automates Trading Systems using EasyLanguage

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Tradestation, previously owned by Omega Research, started off as a standalone real-time charting software along with its sister product, Supercharts. Tradestation 4 (TS4) was a hugely popular charting software among active traders and investors in the late nineties and was the de-facto standard in real-time charting and backtesting. Since TS6, Tradestation moved all data up to their server-side and incorprated it with a brokerage firm, Tradestation Securities (read review). The most recent version to date is TS8 and you get to trade with this excellent program if you are a customer of Tradestation Securities.

Tradestation's Key Feature

The main feature that has created a buzz around Tradestation all these years is it's "Automated Trading" feature. In essence, what it does is that once a system is programmed into Tradestation, it can automatically initiate buy and sell programs based strictly on the trading system rules. In this way, traders can remove any emotion from the trade. Emotions, as we all know, can be very distracting and detrimental to a trader's bottom line.

Example of Automated Trading

Automated trading can be achieved primarily because of Tradestation's powerful and flexible EasyLanguage technology which consists of English-like statements and trading terms. All a trader needs to do is to describe the trading rules using EasyLanguage and you can automate virtually any trading strategy imaginable. Here is an example on how it works:

  • First, TradeStation searches for buy and sell opportunities based on your rules. Once TradeStation knows the conditions you're looking for, it actually starts monitoring the markets for you tick-by-tick in real-time. The instant it spots a buy or sell opportunity based on your trading strategy for a stock, options or futures contract, you hear an audible computer alert..."Strategy Order Generated"
  • Since TradeStation already knows the details of your order, there's no need to manually type it in. Using the speed of direct-access execution, TradeStation will automatically send your stock, options or futures orders to the major exchange or ECN you've chosen in your strategy. The entire process is virtually instantaneous. That means that you can literally sit back and watch it execute your trading strategies for you. Of course, you also have the option to have TradeStation prompt you for a confirmation before sending your order.
  • Once your order is sent, TradeStation monitors the market until your order is actually filled, and lets you know with another voice alert..."Order Filled"
  • Then, TradeStation Tracks Your Open Position Based on Your Exit Rules Once you have an open position, TradeStation tracks all your strategies? open positions in real-time and continues to monitor the markets based on your trading rules, diligently standing guard so that you don't miss your exit point?no matter how simple or complex your exit criteria. TradeStation is even intelligent enough to recognize that certain things can affect how your strategies are executed in real-world trading.


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