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NeoTicker Charting Software Review

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NeoTicker Stock and Futures Charting SoftwareNeoTicker, from TickQuest Inc., is a premier analytics software that is very capable in performing "on-the-fly" technical analysis on any financial instrument. Programs like Tradestation and Metastock were pioneers in backtesting and system development, but NeoTicker takes it one step further by introducing "real-time" scanning of stocks, futures, options or any other financial instrument using any custom trading strategies that you can think of.

Key Feature - Pattern Matching

This is probably one of the best features of any analytics software out there. The advanced AI based engine makes it possible for you to specify a pattern e.g. "head and shoulders" or "cup with handle" and the software will automagically scan for securities which meet this criteria. Previously, it was extremely difficult to program something which is very subjective or which can be interpreted differently by different people. With Neoticker, it is just a matter of showing the program a previous instance of the pattern you are trying to match and the advanced AI engine will find it for you.

Price Details

These advanced capabilities are also very reasonably priced, considering what you can do with it. You can lease or buy NeoTicker. TickQuest has monthly and annual plans for about $50 and $480 respectively. If you want to buy it outright, it costs about $1300. If you think about it, just one good trade is enough to pay for a permanent license for this fantastic software. Do note however that you need a data-feed to operate NeoTicker. This will entail an additional monthly or annual recurring fee depending on which data-feed you choose.

System Requirements

As with any real-time scanning software, CPU speed, amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) and reliable internet connection is critical. NeoTicker recommends at least 2 MegaBytes or more of RAM but considering that you may also be running other applications, a 4 GB RAM or more system is highly recommended. With RAM prices at such low levels, it is a good idea to install as much high quality RAM as you can afford, especially from reputable manufacturers like As for CPU speeds, any modern Pentium 4 or Athlon system should be sufficient in running this application smoothly. For more information, read this article on Real-Time Trading System requirements.

Compatible Data Vendors

NeoTicker has a good selection of data vendors that you can choose from. These include eSignal,, IQFeed and DTN satelite feed. It also accepts brokerage feeds from MB Trading and Interactive Brokers.

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