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Tradestation Securities Broker Review

Tradestation Securities** Must Read ** - Before you choose an online broker for trading, you must read this highly informative article How Active Traders Choose an Online Discount Broker, to help you make a more informed comparison and choice.

TradeStation Securities is the one of the first trading platform broker to offer the ability to create, back-test and fully automate the execution of custom trading strategies. The Tradestation charting platform has through the years earned an excellent reputation amongst the trading community with their ground breaking and innovative back-testing and trade automation capabilities.

Tradestation has the honor of being the winner 2 years straight of "Best Broker for Active Traders" and highest rating for trade execution (as featured in Barron's, March 2003 and 2004).

Investment Choices

  • Stocks, OTCBB and Pink Sheet Stocks
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Mutual Funds
  • Options
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Bonds and T-Bills


  • Equities: $.01 per share <= 500 shares, $.006 per share > 500 shares, $1 minimum. Includes ECN Fees.
  • Options: $1 per contract, no minimum.
  • E-Mini Futures: $2.50 per side. Please call for high volume rate.
  • Forex: Commission-free, with spreads as tight as 3 pips.

Trading Tools

  • Tradestation Rule Based Trading
  • Strategy Testing and Real-Time Analytics
  • Automated and Manual Trading


TradeStation offers you a risk-free method designed to help you pinpoint trading strategies that have worked year after year based on historical data. Its premiere EasyLanguage® technology lets you communicate virtually any custom trading idea imaginable (when you'd like to buy, and when you'd like to sell) to your computer. Then, with just a click of your mouse, it back-tests your idea on up to 20 years of actual, intra-day market data and shows you the simulated results. All the trades you would have placed, your simulated net profit or loss, and much more - before you risk one cent of real trading capital. And that's only the beginning ...

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